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Everyone loves the outdoors, it's easy to see why for most of us, but some of us have a special connection with the great outdoors, thats why we have changed our name from Patriot Supply Line to Real Wolf Inc. We feel that it was a necessary move to align ourselves with our purpose, which is to not only supply the gear but also chronicle the adventure.  We revel in the act of the hunt that is punctuated by filling that tag. We are gear fanatics, obsessing over every spec and product review. We will never be fully satisfied with our gear, squeezing out every ounce and maximizing every square inch of space for eternity. Real Wolf was founded to foster such adventure and chronicle the stories of our customers, whether it be an award winning whitetail or ascending Maroon Bells , we want to hear about it. We pledge to continue to bring you the best products possible for all your adventures as we rebrand ourselves and move forward to build a community.